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It was New Year's Eve. That night she got a call from her lover. A call not for greetings and wishes but for a clarification, a break up. You might think that it would have been a tough night for Maria, a single woman who lived alone is one-bedroom flat in New York. If you do, you are wrong. Maria knew it would happen. Actually it should have happened before. She slapped him for his unfaithfulness and the result was loud and clear - the human ego can't handle it, she knew that.  They weren't together anymore. She sacrificed her first love of her life to raise the flag of truth. Raising it higher than the pride that dwells in the skyscrapers of the New York. The bad phase was over; a fresh new beginning was waiting for her. Now she was free, she could imagine flying.  It was the time for celebration. She wanted herself to be treated. Cooking held therapeutic value for here and she wanted to treat the foodie inside her with some delicious dessert so she decided to cook.

She went into the kitchen and started thinking about what to make. She couldn't think of anything instantly, so she opened the fridge and checked what supplies she had. After all life is all about making the most of the resources you have, if even they are intangible like the traits that God had bestowed upon you. She wanted to eat something with chocolate and luckily she had lots and lots of it. She could do anything for her sweet tooth but it was never needed. Maria would spread her sweetness to people without locking it with chains of expectations and she automatically got her treasure back in forms of chocolates or love or sometimes both.

She took out a small bag filled with heart shaped Swiss chocolates from the fridge and cookery mission of Chocolate Mousse started. She put a large utensil serving as a double boiler on the stove with a bowl of chocolate chips into it. Sweetness needs genuine warmth to melt hearts. While the chocolate was getting through the difficult heat with all the patience required to become humble and soft, Maria took another bowl with 1 egg and starting whisking it gently. You never get anything easy. You have to pay the price. You have to work hard but gentleness towards the relations should not fade away in the passage. Soon the egg white and the yolk became one soul and now it was time to put a tablespoon of sugar. You should always treat yourself whether it’s with some more sugar in the dessert or with some extra time for your own self. Cooking served both purposes for her, lucky she was! Now it was time to gently fold melted chocolate with fluffy egg mixture. Your intentions make, break or enhance your relationships, similarly few drops of vanilla essence enhances the aroma of the mousse which tempts your taste buds to do anything for it, even die for it. Last but not the least, 1 cup of heavy cream to feel the satisfaction and rejoice after doing all everything - hard work, spreading your love and sweetness, maintaining a balance & enhancing relationships of the ingredients. And the life was happy ever after; even in the coldness, the mousse sets in the chilling air of the fridge.

She decorated the mousse with a whipped cream by making only one big flower because appearance does matter but simplicity speaks louder. After it was ready to eat, she realized that the whole dessert served four but she was all alone. Maria called her friends who lived nearby and shared the happiness with them. After enjoying the dessert, they waited to bid a goodbye to year approaching its end which would blast into fireworks and welcome a new beginning in her and everyone's life.

On this New Year, she realized the fact that the new phase of her life started with learning some valuable lessons which were discovered during cooking the last dish of the previous year
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I love food but I don't know much about Cooking. The only things that I can make is Coffee and Chocolate Mousse. And I make them with perfection, you bet!

I guess everyone knows how to make coffee but if God forbid you don't know how to make a choco mousse then read this fiction. You will also learn some valuable lessons =D
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January 18, 2007
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